A well-being assistant is much more than just a measure of well-being at work.

Working life and work itself is an ongoing struggle with different challenges. It involves a wide variety of strains and a very wide spectrum of different emotions and thoughts. Challenges that would most often need more help and support, but getting it is hard, sometimes even nearly impossible. Thus, there is a danger that employees will be left in situations that they feel are out of their control.

Sweetsbot has a built-in extensive support and assistance function for the most diverse and challenging situations in working life. Content created by certified psychologists provides help and support to the user when he or she needs it the most. It is much easier to start solving a problem and a situation when you get immediate advice on the situation at exactly the right time.

Built-in aids work very extensively, for example, a person has difficulties coping with mental health related-issues. In a case like that, it is important that the person is not left alone; but is offered the most immediate possible help and support from a professional.

Sweetsbot can direct the user to the right place according to the wishes of the organization, the bot can even offer several options from which the Bot itself can get help in the situation. All guidance and feedback are strictly Anonymous, and the person seeking assistance will not be identified from the system in any way.

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