User orientation is important when you want to find out how things really are, where you have succeeded, and where there is still room for improvement. The user-centered approach also values respondents and brings out the true voice of people and the organization.

The challenge with conventional surveys is that it is not possible to conclude from the results how important these questions are to the respondents themselves. At Sweetsbot, the employee chooses to whom the feedback is intended. This allows gathering data on each separate department within an organization’s structure to more easily identify bottlenecks. 

Our employee listening response structure is based on M-L Manka’s extensive occupational well-being model. In the model, the answers are first divided into five main areas (work, work community, management, organization, and myself). After this, the answers are refined by one more level, on the basis of which the answers are automatically arranged in clear areas, and the collected feedback is not left at the level of mere “feelings”.

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