The built-in coaching of the Sweetsbot service guides users of all levels to a better and healthier life. Just 3 minutes a day can change your life and take your power and productivity to a new level.

The micro-coaching of our service is suitable for everyone. In many cases, organizations have a problem with participation, one group is very excited and the other ones not so much. For this reason, we created a low-threshold coaching service so that workers can work at their own pace and when they want to.

The concept is based on the idea that a few minutes per day can make great results over time. The coaching can be done so that the workers can more easily fit it into their daily work routines, starting with easier content the coaching is suitable for everyone, regardless of previous background.

We are all about keeping the threshold of using our services low. You can start when you feel like it and continue the next day where you left of; making it easy to fit into the midst of all the rush. A couple of minutes per day with the Sweetsbot coaching service helps the employees realign with the business goal which improves employee well-being and work performance.

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man with an idea after training session