Up-to-date information is always available in an easy-to-read and functional Dashboard. The smart Dashboard can advise you ahead with a professional’s tips, making it easier for the organization to develop independently and solve problems.

Our smart dashboard automatically organizes the collected feedback so that data about well-being at work always available. The results are presented so that they are easy-to-read, making it easier to grasp the bigger picture. It’s also possible to gain more in-depth insight for a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. It’s important to consider that even the best data is of no use if nobody can understand it.

It’s easy to make decisions based on the results. The service offers professional tips and help on how to deal with specific challenges, making improvement and development more straightforward than ever. These tips also serve as help and peer support for your conclusions and thought chains and bring an outside perspective to situations.

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sweetsbot dashboard