Sweetsbot combines employee experience
measurement and caretaking in
easy, unique and lovely way

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Sweetsbot is packed with powerful




Open and honest feedback without fear of being marked

automated reports

Automated reports

Team leaders get their reports via email without time consuming logins


Boost positivity!

Share your positive vibes and give likes to what others have said



Be active and encourage your team members for campaing win!

What our clients are saying

About us

Raili Järnstedt-Kössi
Turku Science Park Oy

”The service got warm welcome from staff and it was easy to take in use. Employees encourages each other’s to give feedback and shared positive feedbacks are nice to read. Flexible and easy compared to a traditional work wellbeing survey.”

Markku Mäkipere
Stevena Oy

"Giving feedback is fast and the service is easy to use. It´s good to have up to date information from employees by regular basis, because traditional surveys provide results only from very limited timeframe."

Ilari Anttila
Enegia Oy

”From Sweetsbot Enerkey found an agile tool to track employee well-being and experience during the ongoing organizational change. We are now able to see how the new strategy and values ​​are reflected in practical action. The best thing about Sweetsbot is its activating gameplay and communality that brings out the positive things in the work community."

Our Lean based development model takes results in to action!


Realtime Classic
  • Realtime Employee Experience measurement :
  • ✓ Scientific measurement
  • ✓ Android/iOS/Web feedback
  • ✓ Active campaigns
  • ✓ Intuitive Dashboard
  • +
  • ✓ Advice functions @ Dashboard
  • ✓ Automated reports
  • ✓ Quick polls
  • ✓ Positive feedback sharing
  • ✓ Activating gamification
  • ✓ API integrations
  • +
  • Ready to use platform including online admin onboarding
  • +
  • Online summary & professional feedback after first campaign

  • Realtime Employee Experience with Care
  • * Everything Realtime Classic includes plus:
  • ✓ Bot based conversational feedback
  • ✓ Hosted service
  • ✓ Easy Integrations
  • ✓ #Slack integration
  • +
  • ✓ Advice & Help functions
  • ✓ User guidance
  • ✓ Direct Healthcare connect
  • ✓ Customizations
  • +
  • Ready to use platform including online admin onboarding
  • *
  • Request other bot based HR -functions :
  • - e.q. onboarding, training, routine q/a